Music Download Sites – What Makes a Site Legal Or Illegal?

There’s nothing more frustrating in these times than having a download that is crawling along at a really slow speed. This is a problem which even the most advanced computers cannot escape and is actually very easy to fix if you know how. This tutorial will show you a simple trick to tekken games free download boost the speed of your downloads immediately.

Downloading files and media on Windows is basically where your computer links up with another through the Internet and then transfers a file from that PC to yours. The speed at which this happens is the ‘download speed’ and it varies from download to download.

Before I reveal this trick, you must first understand that download speeds are mainly determined by the other computer you’re downloading from (known as the ‘server’). Most leading companies can afford to make their servers as high powered and fast as possible… but lower-end downloads may be slower because of the Internet connection that the server has. If you’re trying to download a particular file and it’s not downloading fast, but other files do, then the problem is most likely with the website / service you’re trying to download from.

Many Windows computers have another problem which can slow downloads right down to a crawl. The problem most computers have is that they have a series of settings and files which they use every time they download a file, and it’s often the case that many of these settings are damaged and unreadable, making your PC unable to process the downloads very quickly.

The settings that slow your PC down are normally stored inside the ‘registry’ database. This is at the core of all Windows installations and contains settings for your entire computer. It happens that there are a lot of settings governing the speed & protocols for the download processes of Windows which are often corrupted, making them difficult to read & slowing them down. This is a problem which can affect any Windows computers and is one which is easy to fix.

The trick that many computer tech’s use to fix slow downloads is to use a ‘registry cleaner’ program to fix all the damaged and corrupted registry settings that could be causing the downloads to take longer. These tools are very easy to use – you just need to download one from the Internet, install it and it will automatically remove any damaged files that are causing problems to your computer.