Is Email Marketing Dead? (New Tips when doing Email Marketing in 2021)

There was a time when email marketing was at the heart of digital marketing strategies employed by many companies. Email marketing allowed businesses to convince potential customers through their emails. Since the messages appear in the inbox, they look more personal. Over the years, newer strategies became popular. Hence, email marketing gradually faded into the background. The truth is that it remains relevant. With the right email marketing services, it’s possible to pursue this strategy. Here are some reasons why email marketing is still alive and how to make the most of it. 

It still generates great results

When it comes to the return of investment, email marketing remains relevant. It can lead to a 66% conversion rate. It is also effective in getting 40 times more customers than using social media. The key is to track the metrics regularly. Experiment on what message to use and find a way to make it more appealing to the target audiences. 

Customer engagement and retention is high

When someone receives an email, it feels personal. It could be the reason behind the increase in customer engagement. It also leads to increased retention. It educates them about what the business is about without being too pushy. Pack the email with the right message. People receiving the email should know more about the business. Apart from providing information about the company, they should also get relevant ideas about the industry. Attaching pictures, infographics, videos, and other essential links would be helpful. 

The subject line should be short and straightforward. When people see the notification, they immediately know what’s in store for them. However, avoid being too generic, or they might view the email as spam.

Emails focus on a call to action

Another reason to use email marketing is it secures a call to action. After reading the email, some potential customers feel convinced and decide to buy the products right away. They might even do it on the same day. The call to action button should be clear and easy to follow. Avoid generic terms like “click here” or “buy now.” Give people more ideas about what they’re getting if they decide to hit the button. It’s more effective in increasing conversions and generating the desired actions. 

Emails can improve brand awareness 

Not everyone will read the entire content. Others will browse the email before deciding to delete the message. Even if they do so, it’s okay. At the very least, the email achieved the goal of raising brand awareness. The logo placed on top of the email will help people remember the brand. Even the chosen colors might also reflect the company’s image. If they don’t delete the email, they can keep the message. Some might browse the email and read the entire message later. 

Emails should sound personal 

The problem why email marketing failed before is that companies used it to blast messages across hundreds of inboxes. People will immediately know that it’s the same message for everyone. The key is to make the content more personal. Anyone reading the email will realize that it’s for them. Include the name of the recipient. Talk about why the products and services are suitable. Don’t focus on asking the person to buy. Instead, talk about why the products can benefit the users. It’s about making them feel that they’re getting something out of the transaction. 

Another strategy is to consider those who are already on the database. Some people were customers before, and it’s time to reactivate them. Discuss how they can benefit if they decide to choose the company again. Others signed up for the newsletter but didn’t pursue any transactions. However, the effort to sign up shows interest in the business. Discuss more details about the company and convince them to do more than just reading the newsletter. 

Emails can integrate with other digital marketing efforts

The good thing about email marketing is it can easily integrate with other marketing campaigns. The email may contain links to the website, social media platform, and blogs. Those who find the email interesting might decide to click on the links to know more about the business. Allow the users to respond to the email. They might have questions and suggestions. It makes them feel good to have the chance to interact with the business directly.

Ask for quality email marketing services

The point is that email marketing remains relevant. It’s a strategy that businesses of all sizes should consider. It might seem outdated for some, but it’s not. When used correctly, this approach can go a long way. With the right partner in determining the best email marketing tactic, it’s easy to do a better job. Some agencies have been around for a while, and they understand how email marketing works.