Effective Fundraising in a Down Economy

What do backpacks, band instruments, sports and medical equipment, suitcases, and even children all have in common? They all need an identification tag on them so they won’t get lost. That is why an id tag fundraiser is something that has universal appeal.

There are a couple of ways to run an identification golf tournament fundraising ideas tag fundraiser. You can arrange with a fundraising company to have a one time fundraiser for a specific purpose such as raising money for a spring trip. Tags would be pre-ordered and delivered to your group to be used on the trip. Or, you can have an ongoing fundraiser and always have the tags available for purchase.

Identification tags and luggage tags can either be personalized with the purchasers name and address engraved on them or they can be the type that come ready to write the name and address on.

You can arrange for the entire fundraiser online with one of the many businesses that specialize in personalized identification tags. If you do a search on the internet you’ll find a wide range of styles of tags that will give you some ideas on how to use the tags and run your fundraiser. Some of the companies will even create a sales page on their website for your organization so that tags can be ordered by individuals at any time.

Some ideas for fundraising with identification tags:

Child Safety programs – sell Velcro tags with the child’s name and address on them. Great for using on field trips.

Golf Tournaments and Sports Events – sell the tags at the tournament or give them as gifts to each participant.

Banquets, Galas, and Auctions – use the tags as place cards, favors, or prizes.

School Trips or Tours – sell the tags to help raise money for the trip.

Alumni Groups, Sororities and Fraternities – sell year-round to members and graduates.

Spirit Fundraising – Id tags can have your team logo imprinted on them.

When you order engraved tags most of them sell for around $5.00 each with your organization earning fifty percent, or $2.50 per tag. You can also order luggage tags in bulk from specialty promotion companies for as low as a dollar.

If you do a search on the internet you will find a wide range of styles of tags that will give you some ideas on how to use the tags and run your fundraiser. Identification tags and luggage tags are something that every family needs. Once established, an id tag fundraiser can become a profitable money maker to hold year after year.